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埼玉大学 | Saitama University

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Polish your skills and knowledge at Saitama University

Saitama University opened in 1949, and currently has 5 undergraduate schools and 4 graduate schools (the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences opened in the 2015 academic year). As a national-level university, we have about 9,000 students including 532 international students studying to become skilled and valuable members of society. University reforms being implemented from the 2013 academic year continue to strengthen research capability and students' personal development, making Saitama University a "Capital of Knowledge" extending its reach from Saitama out into the world. Furthermore, our development of global human resources is proceeding, and as a "University open to the world", we are training students so that they can excel in global society, and we are accepting more international students and working to further internationalize our campus.


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Faculty information

Study the International Field of Science

The Faculty of Science, one of the five faculties offered at Saitama University, is dedicated to research and education related to the natural sciences.
The Faculty of Science is made up of the five departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Regulatory Biology. As a faculty that strives to use research and education to find explanations for the various systems of the natural world, a lot of emphasis is placed on research and education in the basic sciences.
The rapid developments in science and technology, along with the innovative changes occurring in industrial structures in recent years, has drastically shrunk the gap between fundamental research and its application. Today science and technology play an important role in the fundamentals of engineering, medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, family and consumer science and social sciences. In other words it is the coexistence of science and technology, their fundamentals and their application, that will shape the future for our global environment and humankind.
In addition, the science discipline uses an international language of numbers, periodical elements and principals, making it possible to transcend boarders and cultures and study together in what can be called the most global discipline there is. In fact, each research laboratory in Saitama University’s Faculty of Science has researchers from around the globe, collaborating together at the forefront of international research.
Saitama University works hard to internationalize its campus and currently 530 international students from approximately 40 countries around the globe have left their home countries to come and study here at our campus in Japan. There is on-campus housing for international students, International House (I-House), which also houses some Japanese students who act as assistants, living together with international students, offering support and organizing various events to promote and deepen cultural and international exchange. In an attempt to use futsal (five-a-side soccer) to promote exchange between international students and companies and industries within Saitama the university hosts a ‘Saitama University Futsal Cup’, an event that always draws large numbers of international student participants.

Come and study the international field of ‘Science’ at the increasingly internationalized Saitama University campus.

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