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Compared to before, national universities began to show more active pose to support foreign students job hunting. On the other hand, private universities had tradition to play important role in helping foreign students find their job. Section of job and career center had been made and orientation, job-searching seminar are also held out. These seminars will be opened to you in autumn when you are in third year of undergraduate course or first year of master course. The content of these seminars are mostly made for Japanese students, however, it will be helpful if you take part in them actively. What is more, it is recommendable to counsel with your instructor. Especially, to foreign students who planned to search job after finishing graduate course. Advice from your instructor will be very helpful.
You can seek for a support to your academic advisor, office of employment placement of your school, or international exchange center. They may not be specialized in job hunting for foreign students, but at least you can take a look at job information magazine for all students. Some companies may be recruiting both Japanese and foreign students making no distinction between the two. If you are interested in any company, don't hesitate to make inquiries and give it a try, making full use of your advantages.

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