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高知大学 | Kochi University

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Kochi University

Kochi University aims to produce scholars with general knowledge of a wide range of fields along with extensive and practical ability in individually chosen major fields of study and able to contribute to the healthy development of local and international communities.


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Center for International Collaboration


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Integrated Arts and Sciences

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Student life support

Scholarship for Privately-Funded International Students

When a scholarship for privately-funded international students is advertized, a notice will be posted on the notice board for international students.

Tuition Exemption System [Jyugyoryo Menjo Seido]

For privately-funded international students with excellent academic records, for whom payment of tuition fees is recognized as an economic hardship, a program has been established exempting them from payment of tuition (all or half) or allowing a postponement of payment.

Extracurricular Activities

At the University there are a number of groups that make up student extracurricular activities. At present there are 29 university-wide cultural groups and 32 physical activity groups. Participation in activities that suit your abilities and interests will surely make your life here more meaningful.

Field Trip for International Student
Each year a field trip is conducted to help international students to understand Japanese culture, industries and history and to deepen the friendship among them.

Tutorial System [Tutor-Seido]  

 Each international student is assigned a tutor, who can discuss matters of daily life and academic study, and help him /her become accustomed to student life in Japan as quickly as possible.

Supplementary Japanese Language Lessons [Nihongo-Kagai-Hoko]  

 Japanese lessons are offered to international students. At the beginning of each academic term, you can sign up for classes according to your schedule.

International House & Dormitory

The International Houses are in Monobe and Oko. Three school facilities for accommodation are available for international students in Asakura, three facilities are located in Monobe, and one facility is located in Oko.

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