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Human Science

Analyzing what it means to be human from various angles.

Human science is a relatively new field of research that concerns the study of what it means to be human. While the subject of the research is humanity itself, there are multiple approaches to this field of study. For example, studying humans and the environments they live in uses approaches from fields of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The appeal of study in human science lies in the fact that this variety of approaches makes analysis of the human condition from multiple angles possible. The three main fields of research covered are psychology, sociology, and education. Studies also cover behavioral science, philosophy, cultural anthropology and media as they are related to humanity. Human science covers all aspects of the human condition, which keeps it closely-related to social trends. As a new field of study, its systems have not yet been fully established, but as it stands today, the study of human science provides opportunities for novel research that has been receiving growing attention from various fields of academia.

Universities that offer these studies include...

大阪教育大学 | Osaka Kyoiku University

Osaka Kyoiku University has over 140 years of h...

Osaka Kyoiku University

早稲田大学 | Waseda University

In today’s increasingly global society, people ...

Waseda University

武蔵野大学 | Musashino University

Musashino University, founded in 1924 by the in...

Musashino University

立教大学 | Rikkyo University

Rikkyo University started its history in 1874 a...

Rikkyo University

法政大学 | Hosei University

Global society is constantly in motion, driven ...

Hosei University

九州大学 | Kyushu University

In 2014, MEXT has launched “Top Global Universi...

Kyushu University

慶應義塾大学 | Keio University

In 1858, Keio University was founded to provide...

Keio University

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