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Introduction of Studies Management, Commerce

Management, Commerce

Applying theories of economics to the real world.

Study in business and commerce broadly covers economic activity such as production, consumption, and trade, from basic theories to surveys of actual market conditions. This is a practical academic field that reflects actual business management activities and market distribution systems. It could be said that study in business and commerce focuses more on practical applications than study in economics. Business and commerce studies in our current global information-based society are focusing on themes of international business activity in global markets and applications of IT in business.

Universities that offer these studies include...

創価大学 | Soka University


Soka University

立教大学 | Rikkyo University

Rikkyo University started its history in 1874 a...

Rikkyo University

大東文化大学 | Daito Bunka University

The Daito Bunka Association, from which Daito B...

Daito Bunka University

法政大学 | Hosei University

Global society is constantly in motion, driven ...

Hosei University

東京富士大学 | Tokyo Fuji University

The human resources that businesses are seeking...

Tokyo Fuji University

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